Organic CTR

The click-through rate or CTR is the total number of received clicks divided by the total number of impressions or people that see your link in the organic search results. It is one of the top performance measures that allow you to check the efficiency of your marketing strategy. If you are looking to reduce your marketing expense and generate more quality clicks, then you ought to hire an experienced SEO consultant for quick results. Below you can find some of the finest tips to boost your organic CTR.

1. Add a year to the title

This is one of the top 5 creative and effective ways to boost your organic CTR. It is also evident from the data by ClickFlow that the tiles that include the year number get their CTR increased by 50 to 150%. Google also tends to provide results that include the year in the title.   

2. Learn a few things about copywriting

If the CTR truly matters to you, then you ought must develop strong copywriting skills because it has a powerful impact on conversions. You basically educate yourself by learning a few things about human psychology and come up with unique ideas to intrigue their interest. 

3. Avoid using lengthy titles 

It’s true that writing unique titles is one of the greatly desired qualities, but the fact is Google change it as they deem fit. The best way to avoid your catchy title to go waste is to keep it short and under 600 pixels. This lies within Google’s tolerance and it doesn’t change it. It is recommended to use a SERP preview tool for optimization.

4. Use keywords

Another effective way to boost your organic CTR is to use keywords in the URL. The research states that just including keywords in the links increases your chances to increase your organic CTR by 45%. Furthermore, Google itself suggests using descriptive links that contain keywords. It might seem like an easy task, but the facts recommend hiring the services of an expert SEO company for better results. 

5. Write impacting meta description

Whether you should write the meta description or not is still up for debate among SEO professionals. The reason for that is that Google seems to write it for you automatically for about 62.78% of the time. Now, this might make you doubt the meta description. Still, studies also suggest that the pages that have a meta description are clicked about 5.8% more than the page that doesn’t have it. That’s why make sure that your page has a quality meta description to get extra clicks.

Final Thoughts:

Increasing the organic CTR without professional assistance can be a nightmare. The SEO companies have dedicated teams that specifically deal with it. That’s why if you are having thought of doing it yourself, then don’t waste your time when you are unsure of the results. Besides hiring, an SEO company isn’t expensive. You can save a lot of useful time and resources by making smart choices.