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Digital marketing has come a long way. A business owner has multiple tools and tricks to market their business. Either you have a small budget or can set aside a large sum for marketing there is a solution for you. 

Some tools are entirely free of cost. All you need to have is a computer and internet connection to claim your online presence. Many of these options cost a little more than time but a lot of businesses choose to invest in PPC campaigns. It is not surprising because more than 64% of consumers click on ads while they are searching online.

 A well crafted PPC campaign can get traffic and customers to your websites almost instantly. Here is how to set an effective PPC campaign.

1. Research

Write down your goals at the top. Is it about brand awareness, increasing sales, or signing up the newsletter? The first step is all about brainstorming. Even the most successful campaigns start with customer research. You need to know what your customers are searching for. Launching a campaign without enough research will lead to nothing but a wasted budget. Search through any kind of customer data you currently have. Make in the initial list of the possible words used by your potential customers.

2. Use Keyword Tools

Once you have a list it is time to validate the keywords. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find out the keywords that work best. It provides you with search volume data, trends, and cost per clicks. The data is very helpful in finding the most effective keywords from your seed list.

3. Organize Your Keywords

The next step is to target your keywords is specific groups.  You need to organize the keywords according to search intent. It changes from broad keywords to long-tail keywords and you need to understand the flow.

4. Include Negative Keywords

Search intent is the most important factor to include or exclude a keyword from your PPC campaign. Even with the attractive search volume, cost per click, and competition, a keyword may not be appropriate based on the search intent. Include negative keywords to target for better conversion rates.

5. Stick To Your Budget

While you are grouping the words according to search intent, it is important to look into the budget. Keep the words that work well with your budget without affecting your goals.

6. Write Effective Ad Copy

Learn from the ad campaigns run by your competitors. Write an effective ad copy for your campaign. It should have a proper headline, a unique selling point, and a clear call to action. Don’t be obsesses by the prices but focus on the value. It is no secret that consumers are deal hunters but don’t underestimate them and create believable ad offers.  

7. Analyze And Improve

There is nothing more important than measuring the success of ad campaigns. Google Analytics is very important for the success of your PPC marketing campaigns. 

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